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March 3, 2013
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White Flag pull out a piece of white cloth?

Who do you know would put that in? Only one person, Feliciano Vargas...your crush from high school. You met and fell for the sweet Italian in your art class; you loved drawing, painting, ect. if it delt with any art be it on paper, food, or on the computer you loved it!

But the day you met Feli wasn't the best one.

~Flash back time with Feli~

You sigh as you enter your art classroom. Instead of being first one to where the last one there. Once you entered the classroom, all the chitchat that was going on as everyone just watched you go to your seat, which by the window to give you more inspiration, you didn't take out your sketchbook out and start drawing like usual so everyone assumed that something really bad must have happened.

With that being said your teacher Ms.Kenai and a guy around 17 or so with short Auburn hair and brown eyes, of course you didn't notice because you had your head down on your desk, crying silently.

You had lost your job at [insert fast food place here] then you found out that your favorite grandparent died and your mom had gotten really sick; all you knew was that she was in the hospital and you couldn't go and see her.

"Alright class, today we have someone new joining our class, would you please introduce yourself Mr.Vargas?" Ms.Kenai asks with a small smile.

"Sure! Ve~ My name is Feliciano Varas! I hope to become friends with you all!" Feliciano says with a cheerful tone in his voice.

-Time skip a little-

"Miss [Last Name], are you alright?" Ms.Kenai asks coming over to your desk to find you asleep tears still staining your face, with today's assignment finished in your sketchbook.

She had given you the assignment to draw how you felt right at that moment, being so used to your cheerful drawings, seeing someone, you, standing alone in the rain. Ms.Kenai sighs setting the sketchbook down as she walks back to her desk, grabs the spare blanket, she keeps for the winter time, and puts it around your shoulders.

"I worry about you sometimes, [Name]..." Ms.Kenai says her voice just barely above a whisper as she shakes her head.

Ms.Kenai walks over to Feli's desk and smiled. "How are you doing on your assignment?" she asks looking at the picture he was drawing.

It was you sleeping, instead of a sad tear stained face it was a peaceful one were you had a soft small smile.

"I'm already done, see?" Feli says opening to another page that had a large plate of pasta.

"Good job Mr.Vargas, the picture a little bit ago was very good too." Ms.Kenai says with a smile.

"Ve~! I used the bella over there as my model, but she looks so sad so I made her look happy!" Feli says with a smile.

"Well I think Miss [Last Name] would love it. She's down for some unknown reasons today...she's usually cheerful and never sleeps in class...something big must have happened..." Ms.Kenai says with a sigh.

"I take it you know know her pretty well then Ms.Kenai?" Feli asks.

"Yes, she's friends with my little sister, but I can't help but worry about her...would you like to see her work?" Ms.Kenai asks.

"Ve~! I would love too!" Feli says happily.

Ms.Kenai smiles then grabs your sketchbook again and hands it to Feli.

Feli looked at all of them including the one you drew today.

"She draws so beautifully...I wonder why she's so sad..." Feli says then gets up and walks over to your desk.

Feli wakes you up and you look up at him, sadness and sleep still in your eyes...not a single speck of happiness in them.

"Ciao bella~! I'm Feliciano Vargas, its nice to meet you. You are?" Feli says introducing himself with a grin on his face.

"Hi...I'm [Name][Last name]...nice to meet you too..." you say rubbing one of your [e/c] eyes to get the sleepiness out of it then you put some of your shoulder length [h/c] hair behind your ears.

The two of you chatted for the rest of the class and you soon forgot about your worries then you started to smile again.

~End of flash back Ve~!~

"[Name]?" a familiar Italian voice says dragging you out of your thoughts.

"Huh? What?" you say looking around to find yourself in a dark room with the door closed and it was locked shut.

"Ve~! You chose my item [Name]! I'm so glad!" Feli says glompping you then the two of you were on the floor, Feli being on top of you.

"I'm glad as well, I didn't want to pick anyone else's...I only wanted yours..." you say with a smile.

You take a deep breath'Okay [Name] can do this...' you think exhaling.

"H-Hey Feli?" you say a little nervous he might reject you and your feelings.

"Ve~? What is it [Name]?" Feli asks sensing your nervousness.

"I love you Feli..." you say blushing like mad.

"Ti amo [Name]!" Feli says kissing you happily and you kiss back your arms wrapped around his neck.

In the process of making the kiss deeper both of your curls(1) got tangled in each others. You both moan and the same time as you break apart; the door unlock and opens. There was a flash making both of you move backward pulling on the curls and you both moan again.

Ludwig came over to both of you, gently picked you both up and brought you two out of the closet. He set you two on the couch and started to untangle both of your curls from each other, the both of you hold back moans, grunts, and any noise.

After that was done both of your faces were as red as the tomato's Feli's older brother Lovino loves and you both were painting hard.

So the rest of the night spent with Feli making and eating pasta, then he asked you to be his girlfriend which you said yes to.



"[Name]! Look what I found!" your boyfriend Feli says holding his old sketchbook from high school.

"Is that your old sketchbook?" you ask tilting your head a little cutely.

"Si! There is a picture I wanted to show you a long time ago but I missed placed this and couldn't find it at the time." he says opening to the second page to the picture of you he drew on his first day.

"Feli...when did you draw this?" you ask smiling.

"On the first day I met you!" he says with a giant grin.

You hug him and smile happily "I love you Feli~!" you say then kiss him happily, which he returned back to you.

A/N: (1) yes you have a curl :3

Well here's Italy's ending.
Also I don't own Hetalia, the picture, or you!
Beta Reader: :iconwolf-girl15:
Sory: :iconphasewalker96:
Sorry if there is miss spelled words but comment with the correct spelling please!
Edit:(4:52pm 3/3/13) hey I forgot to add this earlier...sorry if Itay is a bit OOC...
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