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April 3, 2013
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You and your mom went to the park; you went off to play. After you ran off to go play your mom left for home, full aware that you didn't know your way back home. You where only a 4 year old girl and she was your mother but she still desisted to abandon you...

When it started to get dark out you went over to the spot where your mom told you to met her at, under a pine tree,...she wasn't there...

A few hours later and she still hadn't was getting really dark and you where getting cluched your stuffed [dog/rabbit/cat] close to you. A few hours later you fell asleep under the tree.

~The Next Day...~

You where woken up by a group of teenaged boys throwing you up into the tree you where cling to one of the branches and two blonde boys around your age or a little older then you come to see whats going on.

"Hey little this your stuffed [dog/rabbit/cat]?" one of the teenagers ask holing up a  white [dog/rabbit/cat] in one hand and in the other held a pocket knife.

"[D/n]...please don't hurt her!" you cry out clinging more to the branch.

The branch starts to brake as the teenager starts to rip apart [D/n].

One of the two boys runs off while the other one speaks up.

"Stop it! That's not yours so stop it!" the boy yells.

You can clearly see the boy now, he had short dusty blonde hair with a cowlick and bright blue sky blue eyes.

The branch breaks more as the other boy comes back with two adults; one of them with short messy blonde hair and emerald eyes, the other had shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. The boy had short wavy blonde hair with a curl sticking out and violet eyes, at the sight of the adults the teenagers ran taking your stuffed [dog/rabbit/cat] with them.

"Alfred! What where you thinking?! You could have gotten hurt!" The adult with the emerald eyes says yelling slightly.

"I was trying to be the hero and save her!" Alfred says pointing up toward you.

He looks up at you and the branch snaps.

You scream as you fell, instead of hitting the ground you where in someone's arms and you look up to see the blue eyed adult.

Your whole body shook with fear then he held you close to him and tried to calm you down.

"'ey Arthur, she's shaking quiet badly...I wonder why she was up there in the first place and where 'er parents are..." the blue eyed adult says coming over to Arthur still trying to calm you down.

Arthur nodded his head as you start to calm down.

"What's your name petite fille?" the blue eyed man asks as you look up at him.

"[Name] [Last Name]...thank you for saving me..." you answer softly.

"Okay [Name], how old are you?" Arthur asks and you hold out 4 fingers.

"I'm 4 years old!" you say proudly as the man sets you down on the ground.

"Where are your mama and papa?" the blue eyed man asks.

"My daddy left me and mommy when I was this old," you hold out 2 fingers "my mommy..." you say as you look down at the ground finding it more interesting then anything else.

"Um...excuse me?" a young woman's voice asks behind Arthur and the other man, they both look behind them to find a young woman around the age of probably 25 with long brown hair and brown eyes.

"Yes miss, is there anything we can do to help you this fine afternoon?" Arthur asks.

"Um yes, does this [dog/rabbit/cat] belong to anyone here?" the woman asks holding up a fully fixed [dog/rabbit/cat].

You look up and your face lights up.

"[D/n]!" you say and run up to her tears in your [e/c] eyes.

She kneels down to your eye level and smiles softly handing you the [dog/rabbit/cat], which you buried your face into.

"I'm sorry about how my son and his friends treated you and [D/n], but I fixed her up like brand new." she says softly.

Your whole body starts shaking again.

"T-Thank you so much!" you say and start crying.

Arthur picks you up and starts rocking you while whispering comforting words into your ear as you soon fell asleep in his arms.

"You have a beautiful daughter." the woman says standing up and smiles.

"Oh no, she's not ours. We just found her seems like her mother abandoned her here..." Arthur says looking down at you sadly.

"Oh my, that's a pitty...poor thing and so young too..." she says shaking her head.

"Oui, it is." the blue eyed man says picking up both boys.

The woman said her good byes and left.

"Hey Francis...what should we do with her? I mean we can't leave her out here and an orphanage is no place to raise a child to be raised..." Arthur says on their way home.

"Oui...but can we handle raising another child? Antonio has Lovino to take care of and Gilbert would probably try to rape her when she got older but he has to take care of Ludwig too..." Francis says with a sigh.

They both look at your sleeping form in Arthur's arms, reminding him of Alfred when he was younger and reminding Francis of Matthew when he was younger as well.

A/N: Okay by younger I mean like 2-3 years old cuz Alfred and Matthew are like 5-6 years old.

They decide to raise you because you had grown on them in the short amount of time you spent with them.


Okay I've had this story done for a while now and wasn't a request or anything I just though that it would be nice to have the entire F.A.C.E. family and a little reader more or less was a dream at first but yeah...I don't know if I'm gonna make a second part to this or not its purly up to what you guys think so yeah....
I don't own Hetalia, the picture or you!
Beta reader: :iconwolf-girl15:
Story: :iconphasewalker96:
I hope you all enjoy!
4/4/13: So sence so many people have asked for a second part I will hopefully eventually make a second part but it may take some time so yeah...

4/6/13: here's part 2!!!: [link]

5/12/13: Here's part 3~!: [link]

6/7/12: Here's part 4~!: [link]
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