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March 2, 2013
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Stuffed Baby Turtle pull out a stuffed baby turtle?

That's what you thought before it started squirming in your hands, you shriek and almost drop the small turtle. It climbs out of your hands and down your body until it gets to the floor, then it goes to search for its "Daddy" also known as Antonio Fernandez Carriedo, your long time crush.

You follow the small turtle until you bumped into someone, effectively falling onto your ass, and that someone was Antonio.

"Oh! [Name], are you alright chica?" Antonio asks holding out his hand for you, smiling his signature smile.

"Y-Yeah, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going so its my fault...sorry..." you say your face turning a light pink as you take his hand.

"Dude, Antonio, [Name] picked your item so its your turn, man."Alfred says motioning the two of you to follow him.

Antonio hold onto your hand as he follows Alfred to the small, dark, cramped and cluttered closet. Once inside the closet Alfred closed the door effectively locking it behind you.

You were now in a dark closet alone with the one person you loved.

"So how have you been [Name]?" Antonio asks pulling you down to sit on the floor with him."You haven't been coming over for a while...why?" a sad tone in his voice as he asked that.

'I can't tell him its because I lost my job and I'm soon going to lose my home if I don't find a new job soon...' you think and put a fake smile on your face.

You're the kind of person who puts others before yourself and if you were down or upset you would put a smile on your face so others wouldn't worry...even though your starting to go through depression.

"I've been great Antonio, and I've just been a little busy with work is all." you say with the fake smile on your face, you tried to make your voice sound as cheerful as possible which failed.

"[Name] know you can tell me anything right?" he asks his voice no longer cheerful as before.

"Yes I know, Tony." you say no longer smiling.

"If your having any trouble I'll try to help you as much as I can...because...I care and worry about you [Name]!" he says holding onto your hands.

You stare at him in shock...he cares about you? But is it just as friends? Or something more?

Before you get the chance to answer, he pulls you into his chest then lifts your head up and kisses you passionately on the lips. It takes you a few minutes to process what was happening, but you were soon kissing him back.

Antonio breaks the kiss and backs away a little."[N-Name]...Te amo(1)..."

"I love you too Tony." you say hugging him.

"Let me help and protect you now okay?" he asks petting the top of your head.

"Okay." you reply nodding your head a little.

"Okay good, now do you want to be my novia(2)?" he asks looking down at you with a small smile on his face.

"Si!" you say hugging him and kissing him again...this time you noticed something...he tasted like tomato's!

Then the door unlocks and slams open to show the stubborn Italian that was your best friend, Lovino Vargas.

"Oi, tomato bastardo, times up!" Lovino says walking away from the door.

Antonio gets up then helps you up and out of the closet. The rest of the night you spent hanging out with your new boyfriend, Antonio Fernandez Carriedo~.


-Bonus Ending-

After the party you slowly came out of depression and found a good steady job, all thanks to your boyfriend Antonio.

"Thanks Antonio." you say with a smile as you stand on his porch and look up at him.

"No problem mi amor~!(3)" Antonio reply's hugging you and kissing you, which you gladly returned.

A/N: (1) means I love you; (2) means girlfriend;(3) means my love

Well here's Spain's ending.
Also I don't own Hetalia, the picture, or you!
Beta Reader: :iconwolf-girl15:
Sory: :iconphasewalker96:
Sorry if there is miss spelled words but comment with the correct spelling please!
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